For the usage of these functions see: Usage. Some functions may require an API license.

API Categories
Camera ControlRetrieve camera information from VDG Sense
Client & Server ControlControl certain functions in VDG Sense
EventsRetrieve events from VDG Sense
LayoutsLayout/Camera switching on Sense Clients
MacrosGet macro information and execution
MediaRetrieve live or recorded video
MiscMiscellaneous functions
PersonsManage VDG Sense person database
Servers & DevicesRetrieve device information from VDG Sense servers
StatusRetrieve the server status
Video TaggingManage video tagging

Camera Control
Retrieve camera information from VDG Sense
getOptionsReturns the camera possibilities for the positioning options: pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris.
getPositionThis command returns the current position of the dome.
gotoPresetMoves the dome to a stored preset position.
holdPositionThis function is deprecated.
setAbsolutePositionSends a dome to a specific location.
setPresetStores the current position of a dome as a preset.
setRelativePositionSends a dome to a relative position.

Client & Server Control
Control certain functions in VDG Sense
getPluginOptionsRetrieve a list of actions that can be executed with the command executeAction.
setParametersThis command can be issued to set several system wide parameters.
setPlaybackDateTimeSets the playback timestamp on a specific viewer or on all viewers.
setPlaybackSpeedThis function sets the playback speed on the selected client or on all clients.
startPlaybackThis function starts the playback on the selected client or on all clients.
stopPlaybackThis function stops the playback on the selected client or on all clients.

Retrieve events from VDG Sense
exportEventsThis command returns a Comma-Separated Values text (CSV) of events from the database.
genericEventThe genericEvent signal with the supplied value parameter is used in the macro mechanism to trigger macros.
getEventTypesObtains a list of all supported event types.
getEventsThis command returns a list of specific events for specific cameras.
streamEventsWhen an event occurs in the system, it will be send (pushed) to the client.

Layout/Camera switching on Sense Clients
fillLayoutDisplays a list of cameras in a layout.
getLayoutListObtains a list of all layouts.
getLayoutStatusObtains a list with the current layout status for the requested server.
getMultiLayoutListObtains a list of all selectable multilayouts from the system.
selectCameraSelects a camera.
selectLayoutSelects a layout.
selectMultiLayoutThis command selects a specific multilayout.

Get macro information and execution
executeActionThis commands executes a specific action on a system.
getActionListRetrieve a list of actions that can be executed with the command executeAction.
getMacroListThis function is deprecated use getServerMacroList or getViewerMacroList instead.
getServerMacroListObtains a list of all server macro’s.
getViewerMacroListObtains a list of all viewer macro’s.

Retrieve live or recorded video
addClipThis call adds a request to create a new video clip (in mp4 format).
deleteClipDelete the clip of the given id.
downloadClipDownload and save the clip of the given id.
getClipsObtains a list of all created or pending clips.
getHistoricalImageThis command is used to obtain the historical image.
getHistoricalImageDataThis command is used to obtain the data concerning a historical image.
getImageSequenceThis command is used to obtain a list of timestamps of recorded images between given dates.
getLiveImageThe system can send live images of a certain camera.
getPresetImageGet the preset images of a dome, a preset image is a represented image of the located preset position.
streamVideoWhen a connection is setup, the system will stream live jpeg images to the client until the connection is closed.
updateClipUpdate the description of a clip of the given id.

Miscellaneous functions
getLicensePlateReturns the last scanned licenseplate for the requested device.
grabLicensePlateGrabs an image from the live image stream and puts it in the license plate engine buffer.

Manage VDG Sense person database
addPersonadds a person to the database.
deletePersonRemoves a person from the database.
getPersonFieldsReturns a list of all available persons fields.
getPersonListObtains a list of all persons stored in the database.
updatePersonUpdate a person in the database.

Servers & Devices
Retrieve device information from VDG Sense servers
getCameraListRemoved as of version 2 Deprecated as of 1.
getDeviceListObtains a list of all devices (cameras) available in the network.
getDivaListObtains a list of all servers and viewers connected to the server this request is send to.
getServerListRemoved as of version 2 Deprecated as of 1.
getServerOptionsReturns server settings.

Retrieve the server status
getHardwareStatusObtains the single status of the hardware of all servers that are linked together (by their management address).
getServerStatusReturns information about the status of a specific server.
getStatusTypesObtains a list of all supported status types.
getSystemStatusThis function obtains the status of the “whole” Sense VMS system, while getServerStatus will only return the status of one single server.
streamStatusWhen a status changes in the system, it will be send (pushed) to the client.

Video Tagging
Manage video tagging
exportVideoTagExport the given VideoTag as a native export.
getVideoTagListObtains a list of all created Video tags.
releaseVideoTagRelease the videotag with the supplied id.
startVideoTagStarts tagging video so recordings will not be deleted.
stopVideoTagStops tagging video.
updateVideoTagUpdate the video tag title and/or comment field.