This command returns a Comma-Separated Values text (CSV) of events from the database.

All parameters are optional and can be used to filter the kind of event. Filters are and-ed together, meaning the event must match all filters. The parameter types is a comma separated list of types (strings). The event must match all events that match one of the types supplied are returned (after ending together with the other filters). If this parameter is omitted, all event types are returned.

The list can be limited by supplying starttime, endtime and/or limit. Refer to chapter Result Lists for an explanation of these parameters. If no limit argument is supplied, a default of 100 records is returned. The result is always sorted in ascending time.



serverid|[UID]|filters events from a specific server.
cameraid|[UID]|filters events from a specific device.
types|[string]|types delimited with comma can be retrieved with getEventTypes
starttime|[timestamp]|events with a (local) timestamp >= startdate are returned.
endtime|[timestamp]|events with a (local) timestamp <= enddate are returned. limit|[number]|determines the limit of the resulting event count. [/table]


A Comma-Separated Values text where columns are separated with a semi-colon ‘;’. The first line contains the following columnnames:

  • ‘timestamp’
  • ‘device name’
  • ‘event name’
  • ‘value’

The following lines contain the event data.

See also


  • 2.6.1 – Added