Export the given VideoTag as a native export.

The parameter Divaid (What is DIVA?) is optional, but if omitted, the request will export the VideoTag from all clients logged into the server.

Note: This function requires VDG Sense version 2.5.8 or higher


Parameter type remarks
tagid [UID] unique id of video Tag
exportTo [path] local storage location for export
divaid [UID] unique id of client (Optional)


<result errorcode="0">
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error
-10 Not enough parameters There are not enough parameters supplied for this function
-18 General error An undefined error occured
-26 Videotag does not exist Videotag does not exist or cannot be found
-28 Not a Diva client There is no client with the supplied divaid
-52 Video tag is still active Tag cannot be exported while active

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  • 2.5.8 – Added