Obtains a list of all created or pending clips. See addClip for the usage of the all the clip methods.

Note: This function requires VDG Sense version 2.5.4 or higher


Parameter type remarks
serverID [UID] unique server id (Optional)


<result errorcode="0">
  <clips count="&#91;number&#93;">
      <status description="&#91;string&#93;">[string]</status>

node | value | remarks
@errorcode | [number] | See error codes below
@count | [number] | The number of video clips.
id| [UID] | unique id
serverid| [UID] | unique server id
deviceid| [UID] | unique device id
startdate| [timestamp] | Clips with a UTC timestamp >= startdate are returned.
enddate| [timestamp] | Clips with a UTC timestamp < = enddate are returned. description| [string] | A user defined description filesize | [number] | Size of the clip in bytes imagewidth | [number] | Width of the clip in pixels imageheight | [number] | Height of the clip in pixels status | [string] | 'pending', 'busy', 'finished', or 'failed' [/table] [table class="code-table table table-bordered" colwidth="15% | 25% | 60%"] error code | description | remarks 0 | Ok | Ok, no error. -17 | No server | There is no server with the supplied id. -18 | General error | An undefined error occurred. [/table]

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  • 2.7.2 – Added