Obtains a list of all servers and viewers connected to the server this request is send to.




<result errorcode="0">
  <divas count="&#91;number&#93;">
node value remarks
@errorcode [number] See error codes below
@count [number] The number of servers and viewers.
divaid [UID] The unique id
name [string] The name or description
type [string] Returns 'Diva server' or 'Diva client'.
options [string] Comma separated list of options for this servers or viewers, like CarR, FaceR, XML etc.
status [string] Status of the server. Usually empty
address [ip-address]  The ip address of the server
macaddress [string] The mac address of the server
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error

See Also


  • 2.6.1 – added macaddress
  • 2.3.1   – added name
  • 1.10.2 – added