Note: This function requires an API license.

Obtains a list of all supported event types. The lists consists of name, description and level pairs. The name can be used in getEvents.

The usability level is only to get a global indication of how often the event will occur. A value of zero will indicate a normal, most common, event. A higher number indicates a less occurring event, which possibly only occurs in special circumstances.




<result errorcode="0">
  <eventtypes count="&#91;number&#93;">
node value remarks
@errorcode [number] See error codes below
@count [number] The number of event types.
name [string] The name, as used in getEvents.
description [string] A system defined description of the event type..
level [number] A usability level number, 0 = normal, 1 = system and user, 2 = other

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  • 1.10.2 – added