Note: This function requires an API license.

Obtains the single status of the hardware of all servers that are linked together (by their management address). The status consists of three levels: ok, warning and error. If the status is warning or error than an additional description tag is send explaining the situation in user readable language.

This function requires the System Status plugin to be enabled. For more information about configuring the System status plugin, click here. If System Status plugin is not running, an errorcode = “0” will be given.




<result errorcode="0">
node value remarks
@errorcode [number] See error codes below
status [Ok Warning Error] The status level.
description [string] Optional description of the status level.
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error
-54 System Status plugin not active The System Status plugin is not enabled or Sense PluginManager is not running


If ok, the following will be returned:


If failover is active, the following will be returned:

  <description>failover server is active</description>

In case of a Raid failure, the following will be returned:


[Raid-status] is a textual representation of the raid status. It is different for AMCC and LSI raid systems.

AMCC status

AMCC error [raid-status] messages have the following form:

AMCC: Server , RAID unit : 
AMCC: Server , RAID drive : 

Where status of a unit can be:

  • OK
  • Verifying
  • Initializing
  • Degraded
  • Rebuilding
  • Recovering
  • Migrating
  • Inoperable
  • Unknown

And where status of drive can be

  • OK
  • Offline
  • Offline JBOD
  • Uncoverted DCB
  • Unsupported DCB
  • DCB Data check
  • DCB Orphan
  • DCB Read failure
  • DCB Read timeout
  • Unsupported
  • Unknown

Note that not every status generates an error!
These values are taken from the official AMCC specifications

LSI status

LSI error [raid-status] messages have the following form:

LSI: Server , RAID unit : 

Where status of raid can be:

  • degraded
  • unconfigured-good
  • unconfigured-bad
  • hot-spare
  • offline
  • failed
  • rebuild
  • online
  • system
  • rebuilding
  • no connection
  • invalid response

These values are taken from the official LSI MIB specifications


A degraded AMCC unit will generate the following response:

   <description>AMCC: Server, RAID unit 2: Degraded</description>

Only the last unit or drive that has a failure is reported in the XML response. If an error occurs the systems raid configuration software should be consulted for more information a repair.

See also


  • Sense 2.5.12 – Added error code -54
  • 2.4.2 – added