This command is used to obtain the data concerning a historical image. Parameter time is used to reference the image. Realtime will be set at the time of the first image at or before the supplied time parameter. This function is to be used after a call to getHistoricalImage to retrieve data from the returned image. The time parameter must be exactly the same for both calls. If the time parameter doesn’t match, their will be an error returned. If no previous or next image is found, they will not be present in the response.


parameter type remarks
serverid [UID] unique server id.
cameraid [UID] unique camera id
time [timestamp] UTC date and time of image to get data for.


<result errorcode="0">
node value remarks
@errorcode [number] See error codes below
time [timestamp] local timestamp of the previous image
time [timestamp] local timestamp of the current image
time [timestamp] local timestamp of the next image
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error
-2 No device No device found for the supplied camaraid/deviceid
-4 Invalid timestamp Invalid datetime format. See Timestamp
-6 Error historical Data  Error retrieving historical image data

See Also


  • 2.1.1.   – Added serverid
  • 1.12.3  – Documented if timestamps are local or UTC timestamps.
  • 1.11.3  – Strict checking on starttime and endtime parameter format. Returns -4 on error (see Result Codes).
  • 1.4.1.   – Added