Note: This function requires an API license.

Obtains a list of all persons stored in the database.




<result errorcode="0">
  <persons count="&#91;number&#93;">
node value remarks
@errorcode [number] See error codes below
@count [number] number of persons
id [UID] unique person id
firstname [string] firstname of the person
lastname  [string] firstname of the person
address [string] address of the person
postalcode [string] postal code of the person
city [string] city of the person
phone  [string] phone number of the person
fax  [string] fax number of the person
mobile [string] mobile number of the person
licenseplate [string] license plate of the person
notes  [string] notes added to the person
expirationdate [string]  the date the person will be removed from the database
enabledexpirationdate [boolean] flag to indicate the person can be expired
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error
-18 General error An undefined error occured



  • 2.6.1 – added