Returns server settings. See chapter Transcoding for an explanation about Transcoding.

Because the system is recording most of the time, the oldest and newest stored image time can vary between successive calls to this function.

When is serverid is omitted, the info of the management server will be returned.


serverid [UID] unique server id (optional)


<result errorcode="0">


node value remarks
@errorcode [number] See error codes below
serverid [id] the id of the server
description [string description of the system.
title [string] title of the system.
version [] version of the system
registrationnumber [string] registration number of the system
cameracount [number] maximum number of cameras for this server.
servercount [number] number of servers added to the system.
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error
-18 General error An undefined error occurred

See Also


  • 2.7.2   – Changed documentation of servercount to “number of servers added to the system.”
  • 2.1.1   – Added
  • 1.11.3 – Fixed documentation error. Timestamps for this function are UTC timestamps
  • 1.6.1   – Added oldest and newest stored image time fields
  • 1.4.1   – Added