Note: This function requires an API license.

This command selects a specific multilayout. A multilayout is a set of layouts that are displayed on all monitors attached to a viewer. The viewer itself is identified by the divaid. If this id is supplied and the viewer exists, that viewer will be selected for further commands. Otherwise, the local system the request is send to will be selected. The multilayout with the supplied id or name on the selected system will be displayed if it exists. If both an ID and name is given, the ID will have priority. The name parameter is case sensitive.


parameter type remarks
divaid [UID] unique id
multilayoutid [UID] Unique multi layout id (priority over name)
name [string] User given name of multi layout (case sensitive)


error code description remarks
-1 Not implemented Function not implemented

See Also


  • 2.5.10 – Added name parameter
  • 2.2.1 – Added