Note: This function requires an API license.

When a status changes in the system, it will be send (pushed) to the client. The system keeps pushing status changes until the connection is closed or another request is send over the current connection. The status changes are send as part of a multipart HTTP stream.

This command will return immediately with a multipart/x-mixed-replace content type and specific boundary. When a status changes, it will be send as xml message as denoted below, together with the boundary indicating the end of the multipart. If another request is send from the client, the ending boundary will be send. The ‘type’ parameter can have the following values: layout, hardware, system. Multiple values must be delimited by a comma.


parameter type remarks
type layout sends layout status changes of the clients
type hardware sends hardware status changes of the RAID configuration of the servers
type system sends the system status of the servers in regular intervals


  • 2.5.1 – Added