When a connection is setup, the system will stream live jpeg images to the client until the connection is closed. The images are send as part of a multipart HTTP stream. The parameters deviceid and serverid must be used to determine the device. If serverid is omitted, the localhost server will be used. This command will return immediately with a multipart/x-mixed-replace content type and specific boundary. If no timestamp parameter is given, the stream will stream live footage. When a new image is available it will be send as image/jpeg together with the boundary.


parameter type remarks
deviceid [uid] unique device id.
serverid [uid] unique server id.
imagewidth [number > 0] optional image width.
imageheight [number > 0] optional image height.
time [timestamp] start playback from the given UTC timestamp (optional). If omitted, Stream will be live.


Empty body. The header contains the multipart boundary.
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error
-2 No device No device found for the supplied cameraid/deviceid.
-21 Device not active  The device is not active in the current profile and cannot produce any results.

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  • 2.3.1 – Added