Note: This function requires an API license.

Update the video tag title and/or comment field. If a field is omitted, it’s value remains unchanged.
Returns the changed videotag.




<result errorcode="0">
		<serverid>[UID]</serverid> <!-- if zero tag is for all devices -->
		<deviceid>[UID]</deviceid> <!-- if zero tag is for all devices -->

node | value | remarks
@errorcode | [number] | See error codes below
id| [UID] | unique id
serverid| [UID] | unique server id
deviceid| [UID] | unique device id
startdate| [timestamp] | Tags with a (local) timestamp >= startdate are returned.
enddate| [timestamp] | Tags with a (local) timestamp < = enddate are returned. title| [string] | A user defined title comment | [string] | A user defined comment [/table] [table class="code-table table table-bordered" colwidth="15% | 25% | 60%"] error code | description | remarks 0 | Ok | Ok, no error -18 | General error | An undefined error occured -26 | Videotag does not exist | Videotag does not exist or cannot be found [/table]

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  • 2.4.3 – Added