Important notes

  • Xml tags can be supplied in arbitrary order. This can differ from the definitions and examples in this document.
  • The nesting level of the xml tags and the functionality and parameters defined in this document will not change within the same major version. This only applies to official releases, not drafts.
  • Between major version changes, functions and parameters can change. This is denoted in this documentation.
  • Messages can be extended with tags, sub tags, also with different levels, and attributes without breaking the functionality of the command. This is denoted in this documentation.
  • For debugging purpose messages can also be extended without notice.
  • All xml tags are in lowercase, but the system will not be case sensitive about this.
  • All http requests and commands are case insensitive.
  • For the purpose of readability in this document requests are written with embedded spaces. In the real HTTP command they must be ommited.