Using this interface

The commands of this interface can be used to obtain information like video and events, to set some parameters and to display video on panels.

A complete VDG Sense concept consists of several systems like managers, servers, and clients, all linked together to store and display video and other related data. Servers used as viewer consists of serveral objects that build up (multi)layouts. A layout contains panels that are used to display video and data like events and controls. Every object in the server that is selectable or controllable has a unique id or index. This id or index must be used with the specified command. All id’s can be obtained by examining the setup and by issueing the correct commands.

To start, it is important to know how the complete VDG Sense concept is setup and what the management server is. This server is used to send all commands to (except obtaining live video, historical video and historical video data) (From the plugin version 2.1.1 on all information can be retrieved from the management server). When only 1 server is used, this server is management server, user server, video server, administrator and viewer all together. In this case, there is no need to identify or select the server.

Most commands require a cameraid and optional a serverid. This information can be retrieved by examining the servers and by obtaining the cameralist with getCameraList. This will return a list of all cameras the system uses.

Video is displayed in panels that are displayed in layouts on monitors. Panels are addressed by their index. Layouts are addressed by their id. To get the list with layouts issue the command getLayoutList. When displaying video i.e. with selectCamera, the system looks on all viewers which one’s have the required panel displayed on a monitor. All servers found will try to select the panel and set the video on it. This can fail if no server is found that shows the layout, the current logged in user on the server has no rights to view the video, no panel is found to display video on or there is no camera found.

The information required to select layouts and multilayouts can be viewed in the server and retrieved with getLayoutList and getMultiLayoutList. This information can be used to display layouts on monitors with selectLayout and selectMultiLayout.

After all this information is available it is possible to query the servers for video information and to control the servers to display video. Also other commands are available like enrolling a person for face recognition and all kind of dome control commands.

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