Knowledge Base - Configuration in iProtect™ Aurora

There are two different actions to be completed, i.e. filling a Multiview with camera pictures or carrying out an external action.

The appearance of pictures in Multiview forms part of an ‘action’. An action is initiated by an event.

Go to “General” > “Settings” > “Action” and create a new record.

In “Select action”, you can choose from three Multiview variations:

  • Multiview reset : Reset Multiview. If you have defined a start-up camera group, the pictures from this group will appear. If a start-up camera group has not been defined, the camera pictures will disappear.
  • Single-camera Multiview : Just the picture from the specified camera will be displayed.
  • Camera group Multiview : All pictures from the camera group of the selected camera are displayed.

Settings in the details panel:
Camera: Select the desired camera (from ‘Camera group Multiview’: a camera from the desired camera group). If you leave this field blank, pictures will automatically be retrieved from the camera assigned to the reader or event input.

Events (*) take place at a reader or input, to which a camera (1) can be assigned. You can allocate the camera to a camera group (3). If you leave the ‘Camera from group’ field blank, only the pictures from this camera will be displayed in the Multiview (2).If you specify a camera group in the ‘Camera from group’ field, all pictures from this camera group will be displayed in the Multiview in case of an event (4).Here, there are two options (see ‘display’).

Multiview : Define which Multiview should be associated with this action.
Display : Define whether the pictures should be display separately or as group in a single field.
Display length (sec) : Enter the number of seconds over which the pictures should be displayed. If you do not enter a value, the pictures will be displayed constantly.

Display. Left: group in a single display; Right: individual cameras.

It is also possible to carry out an external action (macro). This involves a server macro or viewer macro configured in Sense. The macros must first be read into iProtect™.

Go to “General” > “Settings” > “Action” and create a new record. From “Select action”, you can choose: “External procedure”, followed by the desired procedure. In case of a viewer macro, you must also specify the viewer to which the action applies.