Auto start-up

Knowledge Base - iProtect™ Authorizations

There are three windows that can be opened automatically when starting up iProtect™. This is of course very practical: one cannot forget to open these windows and it saves a number of steps.

The windows that can be opened automatically are the following:

  • Alarm handling: Window displaying the generated alarms.
  • Intercom handling: window in which the intercom handles are displayed.
  • Floor plan: window showing a floor plan of the building.
  • Button tableau: Window that contains the buttons that allow you to control doors and outputs.
  • Alarm scanning: the alarm scanner is active.

Auto start-up for a user group

  • Press the plus in front of the user group, and then click Start-up option.
  • By then a double click on e.g. button tableau, there will be a green check mark on Button tableau. If it is then saved, the Shortcut tableau menu will start by default for the user group.

Naturally, the Alarm handling and Button tableau windows can only be opened if they have been created in menu definition (for this user group). If this is not the case, you will receive an error message at startup.

Define System Users

After entering the user groups, setting the rights, and defining the menu structures by group, you’re done setting up the authorizations. Now you need to specify which system user belongs to which user group. This is done by adding those people to a user group and then defining login name and password.