Automated Logout


Since version 2.5.10, VDG Sense provides the ability to enable “Automated logout”. This features will automatically logout the current user if a defined period of inactivity has been detected.

Automated logout settings can be enabled in the System tab. The minimum amount of time of inactivity is 1 minute and the maximum is 1440 minutes (24 hours).  30 seconds before automated logout is commenced, an inactivity warning is shown, which allows the user to cancel the logout process.

Automated logout can be combined with ‘Dual Login‘. While enabled, the functionality of ‘Auto Login’ and ‘Default Credentials’ are not available.


What counts as Inactivity?

  • No mouse or keyboard input received
  • No joystick input received
  • No export in progress

Note that any unsaved settings will be lost if the user has been automatically logged out.