Button Tableau

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With the help of the Button Tableau you can open a door with a mouse click or pulse an output. For example, you can open the main entrance to a visitor or turn on the light in the hall from behind your computer.
You do not only use the Button Tableau to open doors or pulse outputs. You can also request and print a presence report and start alarm procedures manually via the button panel. For these last two actions, use a separate screen of the Button Tableau, namely the emergency panel.

Up to 50 buttons can be defined on the Button Tableau. Each user group gets its own Button Tableau, so that they can see the corresponding buttons.
In this chapter you will learn how to define and assign a Button Tableau to a user group. You will also learn how to open the Button Tableau.
It is possible to automatically open the correct Button Panel when starting iProtect™.

  • Press the plus in front of Button tableau. Then, go to General and to Page 1.
  • Select the first button.

  • In the English, Dutch and German fields, you specify which text to place on the button. You are obliged to fill in all three languages even if you will only use Dutch. What language is shown depends on the language selected for the logged-in system user.
  • In the Open Door field, select which reader to pulse when using the button. This means that the door is opened by the reader.

As indicated earlier, it is also possible to create an emergency tableau. The buttons on the emergency panel can only be used to print attendance reports or initiate alarm procedures. The latter is only possible when alarms have been defined.
Below is an example of the definition of a button on the emergency tableau. The emergency tableau for a user group has a maximum of five pages with a maximum of ten buttons each.


With the emergency tableau defined in the picture above, a system user from the Reception user group prints a presence report from the Office area.

  • Open the General menu, and then click the Button Tableau option

 - Go to Emergency screen

 - Go to Quick Buttons screen

As previously indicated, when starting iProtect™ the correct tableau can be automatically started. You decide whether this is desired per user group.