CarR Territorial replacement


Some countries make use of a territorial designation on their license plate. In Sense, some of these countries are broken up in multiple modules. See below table for an example of the Australia CarR modules.

CarR Module Territory
AUS_ACT Australian Capital Territory
AUS_NSW New South Wales
AUS_NT Nothern Territory
AUS_QLD Queensland
AUS_SA South Australia
AUS_TAS Tasmania
AUS_VIC Victoria
AUS_WA Western Australia

Next to the individual territories, Sense also includes an AUS module, which is referred to as the “All reader”. The “all reader” module scans all vehicles and matches any plates that look like Australian plates. It is recommended to both enable all the territorial modules, including the “all reader” module for increased accuracy. Because of the “All reader”, custom license plates will also be scanned.

However, some systems require a single classification, regardless of territory. In the Australian example, a license plate is unique regardless of the classification, thus it is not a requirement. For such systems, it is required to let Sense translate a territorial match back to the “All reader” module.


The following settings should be done by advanced users only. Editing .ini files may have unforeseen consequences.

  • Stop the DivaServer or SenseVideoManager service
  • Open the DivaServer.ini or SenseVideoManager.ini file. Depending on your setup, this file can be found on the following locations:
  • Add the following line to the .ini file:

    Value= [Modules that should be replaced]
    Replacement= [Replacement module]

    Australia example:

  • Save the .ini file
  • Start the Server
  • Start the client, and login into the server
  • Enable all required CarR modules in the Server tabCarR_modules_24
  • Save the settings

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