ColorD Guidelines


ColorD uses a passive detection of color in a defined region in a videostream. The detection algorithm must be triggered by an event before the color of an object can be determined. An event can be any condition available in the macro engine (i.e. motion, I/O, Layout button click or FaceR/CarR match).

For an optimal use of VDG Sense with ColorD, the guidelines should be closely followed:



  • Cannot be used for grey-scale images
  • Usage of domes could cause problems when it rains
  • Viewing angle should fit detection zone.
  • Make sure there is sufficient lighting throughout the scene.


Camera placement

  • The camera view should not be obstructed by any (semi-) stationary objects such as plants, trees etc.
  • Detectionregionshouldas large as possible covering only the object of interest
  • Camera should be as close as possible to the object of interest

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