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2.4.24 - 01/05/2015


This article explains the function of the Failover tab. The Failover tab shows the list of configured Failover servers on the left side, the list of monitored server of the selected Failover server  in the middle and the configuration of the selected failover server on the right side. In the lower left corner of the screen are plus and minus buttons are there to add or remove failover servers or to add and remove monitored servers.

See below for an example of a failover server and associated monitored servers, in this case the failover server is monitoring two servers:


  • Daily Backup
    Enable or disable daily backup of settings. It is recommended to enable this setting as this will ensure the Failover server always has the latest settings.
  • UTC time
    Time when the settings backup needs to take place
  • Local time
    This is a translation of the UTC time to local time
  • Backup all servers
    Do a settings backup of all server. If one or more servers are not available the Last backup colon will show ‘failed backup’.
  • Automatically take over server
    If enabled the failover server will automatically takeover the monitored server which has failed.
  • Automatically restore server
    If enabled the failover server will automatically restore the original configuration when the monitored server is restored.
  • Take over server
    Manually take over server, assuming it is offline
  • Reset restored server
    Manually restore server
  • Advanced
    Open dialog for Advanced failover settings, see below








In VDG Sense 2.4.24 and higher, you have the ability to modify the timeout settings for the failover server. Click the ‘Advanced’ button, to open the following dialog.



Type Default value Min value Max value Description
Connected 5 minutes 5 minutes 60 minutes A network connection has been made, but the first startup message has not been received
Started 5 minutes 5 minutes 60 minutes The startup message has been received, but the first keep-alive message has not been received
Keep alive 30 seconds 30 seconds 300 seconds No new keep-alive message is received
Normal shutdown 15 minutes 5 minutes 60 minutes The server has been shutdown normally, but has not restarted yet
Abnormal shutdown 5 minutes 5 minutes 60 minutes The server has exited with an error and has not restarted yet


To access the recorded videodata on the failover server, the monitored server needs to know where to find it. This is done by adding a configuration parameter to the file ‘DivaServer.ini’ for DIVA or ‘SenseVideoManager.ini’ for Sense, which can be found in the server settings folder.

The syntax of the configuration parameter is as follows:


Value=<Failover server address><monitored server address>

For example if the Failover server has IP address ‘’ and the monitored server has IP address ‘’ the configuration option in DivaServer.ini / SenseVideoManager.ini on the monitored server looks like this:



For more information about configuring the Failover plugin, click here.

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