Guarded Area with local third party input and card reader

Knowledge Base - Guarded Area setup in iProtect™

  • Click with you right mouse button on the created “Guarded area group” (see chapter 4.2) and choose “Add Guarded area”. The detail window opens.
  • Enter the following data:

Name: Enter a logic name
Mode: unset
Line: select a specific Line for that specific Area
Input: select an input, connected to the Third party system (to set and unset)
Reader: select a specific Reader (optional)
Walk-in time: Enter time which is needed
Walk-out time: Enter time which is needed
Auto arm: (check)
Auto arm time: Enter time which is needed
Max. unset time: Enter time which is needed
Buzzer when disarming: Check if needed
Buzzer when arming: Check if needed
Alarm buzzer: Check
Show guarded area status on LED: Check if needed
Max. alarm buzzer time (sec): 180 (seconds)

  • Save the data.

When the Guarded area setup is finished, one output and three inputs has to be defined to get more feedback from the systems.