Herta Introduction

Knowledge Base - Herta Facial Recognition

What is Herta?

Herta Security is market leader in the development of advanced solutions that use facial recognition. Based in Barcelona, the company offers fast, accurate, robust, customer-focused solutions for video surveillance, access control and marketing requirements. International projects include safe cities, airports, train and metro stations, prisons, banks, casinos, sports stadiums, shopping malls, military, police and forensic applications. Herta Security has partners in 50 countries and over 150 certified integrators worldwide.  

The VDG Sense – Herta interface currently offers integration between Herta and VDG Sense applications where Herta is used for enrolling persons (and all other functionalities Herta provides) and sends all FaceMatch alarms to VDG Sense. Below is a schematic explaining how it works together. 

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