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VDG Sense needs to connect to the HTTP port defined in the Herta interface. This is not enabled by default in the Herta configuration. See below for a sample from Herta displaying the required configuration. 


The VDG Sense configuration webpage needs to be opened and configured with the Herta server address and port number, so it can connect to the Herta system, as follow:

  1. Open any webbrowser and browse to https://[sense-mngt-server-ip-address]/config and login with your administrator credentials.  
  2. Open Herta Integrator menu 
  3. Enter Herta address including the port: http://[herta-server-ip-address]:[http port]

Note: If you are unable to enter an address, please check if the Sense Herta-Integrator service is running on the management server. 


Any camera added to Herta configuration is linked by name with cameras configured in VDG Sense (on any server). So it is vital the camera names are the same and to no change. If not VDG Sense will not show FaceMatch events for cameras which do not have corresponding camera names.

Time synchronization between Herta and VDG Sense is vital. Make sure both systems synchronize with the same time server. 


Operator Functions

Once Herta is enrolled with one or more persons it can recognize people. The screenshot below shows the operator interface in Herta and a recognition of a person, in this case ‘John Doe’: 

The event Herta generates is then send to VDG Sense as a ‘FaceMatch’ event, see below (not to be confused with FaceR Match event): 

The event has the following values:

  • Full name=[Herta defined name of person] (John Doe) 
  • Confidence=[Herta defined Confidence] (99) 
  • Group=[Herta defined Group name] (Sunglasses) 
  • Id=[Herta defined Id] (123456) 



The FaceMatch events can be used in the VDG Sense Macro engine for automate certain procedures. For instance to play an audio message when there is a FaceMatch event. First the example screenshot below does not use any of the parameters in the event value and will start the procedure for any FaceMatch event. 

Second example uses the ‘Group’ parameter in the FaceMatch value to only play an audio alarm for those event matches from persons in group ‘Sunglasses’. This way you can define different behavior for different groups of people.  

The input field has value %Group=Sunglasses% which means if this value is present in the FaceMatch event value, it will trigger this macro and start the (action) procedure. 

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