Installation Pluto

Knowledge Base - Controllers

Configuring the Pluto:
1. Make sure all connections are in accordance with the technical drawing and connect the Pluto to the network.
2. Open the Explorer and browse to the following address: The login screen appears.
3. Enter “controller” as username. The default password is “Pluto”.
4. On the maintenance page select “Network settings” and enter the desired information like IP address and IP address gateway.
5. Select “Hardware” and activate “Diagnostics”. Diagnostics enables automatic detection of devices connected to the Pluto and testing of it. Deactivate diagnostics after successful test.
6. Select “Tools” and verify the connection with iProtect™ by entering the IP address of the iProtect™ server together with port number 20100 at Netcat and press the “Test” button.

Configuration in iProtect™:
1. Open menu “Installation” > “Hardware” > “Line”
2. Click on the “Search” button.
3. Make a right mouse click in the tree view (left side). “Add line” appears and click on this popup. The line dialog will be opened.
4. Enter a logical description of the line in the field “Name”.
5. Enter the correct IP address in the field “IP address”.
6. Under communication select “Active” and “Active (with nodes)”.
7. Click on the “Save” button.
8. Press the button “Send new Keystore”.

When having the connection between iProtect™ and the Pluto in place, automatically the latest software update will be installed on the Pluto. This may take a few minutes. When finished, the “Current status” will be “Idle”.

NOTE After the Pluto has communicated with iProtect™, the standard password will be changed. The new password will be displayed in the “Line details” screen.

9. The nodes and readers connected to the Pluto can be automatically detected and configured in iProtect™ by clicking on the “Discover” button at the “Line details” screen.
10. To activate the readers, an access card needs to be presented twice at each reader. As soon as the LED of the reader is blinking when the card is presented, the correct card data will be stored in iProtect™.
11.Assign a reader group, e.g. All card readers to the new card reader.
12. Finally assign a card, having the correct access profile to a person and verify if access in granted. In case of access, the LED on the reader turns green for a period of 5 seconds.