iX30 – Installation and use

Knowledge Base - Sirius iX30

To ensure proper functioning of the equipment, the environment of the Sirius iX30 must be compliant with certain conditions.

The Sirius iX30 card reader is suitable for indoor outdoor (with gasket) usage.

  • Determine the location where the Sirius iX30 card reader should be installed. Please notices that there is a maximum cable length, depending on the output, between the card    reader and the door controller chapter 4.4.4. Exception: by using an external power supply, the achievable distance can be increased.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 20cm between Sirius iX30 card readers.
  • The Sirius iX30 should preferably not be installed directly on metal. In the event that this is necessary, please use a spacer (see chapter 3.3.1) to achieve better performance.
  • The Sirius iX30 should not be mounted higher than two meters.


Mounting steps

Mount the card reader preferably on a flat surface.

  • Drill two holes for mounting the backplate on the preferred location. 2x6mm holes intended for plugs in case of a stone surface. 2x3mm in case of a wooden surface.
  • Pull the cable through the backplate (and spacer, if applicable).
  • Fasten the backplate on the surface with adequate screws. The head of the screws must be at least 6mm wide. Please notice that the screw hole of the card reader must be placed on the underside.
  • Remove the 9-pins connector from the front plate
  • Connect the cable to the connector. See chapter 5.4.
  • Click the connector back on the front plate
  • Put the front plate of the Sirius card reader on top of the backplate and smoothly close the front plate. A click should be heard when both plates are attached.