Knowledge Base - Guarded Area setup in iProtect™

Table- and Column names, useful for the Guarded area

Column  NAME Description for guarding area
 HOLDALARM Boolean signaling that an alarm is/has been [to be resetted by the user
 MODE Guarding mode
 READYTOSET All inputs in area are inactive or bypassed
 STATUS Current area status
 SUPPRESSTAMPER Boolean when activated to ‘omit’ all tampered inputs
 TAMPERINPUT This guarding area has tampered input(s)
 MANUALLYOMIT This guarding area has manually omitted input(s)
Column  NAME Description for input
 ACTIVE Kept for backward compatibility, will be removed in future
 LOGICALSTATUS Logical status of input
 OMIT Omit status of input
 HOLDALARM Hold alarm till reset by guarding area
 ALARMSTATUS Boolean if (AlarmCount <> 0)
 PHYSICALSTATUS Physical status of input
Column  NAME Description for output
 ACTIVE Is output active or inactive
 ALARMSTATUS Boolean if (AlarmCount <> 0)
 GUARDINGAREAMODE If source = 15 (Follow guarding area mode), output is active when the GuardingAreaId is in GuardingAreaMode
 GUARDINGAREASTATUS If source = 14 (Follow guarding area status), output is active when the GuardingAreaId is in GuardingAreaStatus