Knowledge Base - Configuration in iProtect™ Aurora

The Multiview can be integrated into a background, or a different background image can be used.
1. In the iProtect™ Aurora menu, go to “General” > “Settings” > “Keymap” > “Floorplan”. The details pane will open.
2. Give the floorplan a practical name. Such as “Cameras entrance”
3. Specify the right height and width of the background image
4. Click on the “Preview” window. The “Show image” screen will appear
5. Select the desired image
6. Click on the “Save” button
7. Then click on the plus symbol in front of the floorplan. The “Position widget” pane will appear.
8. Configure a Multiview by right-clicking on the “Position widget” details pane and then gong to “Hardware” > “Camera matrix” > “View index”.
9. The right size can be specified with the mouse, or exact dimensions can be entered in the “Widget size” tab.