Lens Correction

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2.4.20 - 05/12/2016

Some lenses distort the image of a camera. It’s when a lens produces curved lines where straight lines should be. The two most common types of lens distortion are barrel distortion and pincushion distortion. Barrel distortion is where straight lines bend outward from the center of the image. Barrel distortion will also occur if the camera is handing too close to its subject with a wide angle lens or a zoom lens at the wide end.

Since version 2.4.20, VDG Sense has been providing ‘Lens Correction’ to correct optical issues commonly seen on wide angle lenses. The lens distortion can be set in the ‘Corrections’ tab in ‘Device Settings’. The image will be corrected on the server, and therefore the corrections will be visible in the native client, web client and mobile clients.

Note that when requesting images of a device with the lens correction enabled through the API, web client or mobile client, the correction calculation is done on the VDG Sense server machine. This could influence the performance of the server. When viewing devices on the native VDG Sense client, the calculations are done on the client machine itself.


Configuration of Lens correction is done in the Devices->Correction tab, read more.

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