Login dialog

2.5.1 - 02/05/2017

Login dialog

Before using the VDG Sense software, an operator needs to login. After starting the Sense Client the login dialog is displayed first.


It contains the following items:

  • Server address field
  • Username field
  • Password field
  • Settings button
  • Exit button
  • Sign in button

VDG Sense automatically finds available servers in the network, this also includes the local system. Click the down arrow on the right side of the login address field to show the list of Sense servers. If the server is not automatically found the IP address or host name of the Sense server can be entered manually. A green checkmark will appear if a connection has been made to the selected server. To login click on the “Sign In” button in lower right corner of the dialog.

The default VDG Sense administrator account credentials are as follows:

Name: administrator
Password: !DVadmin

Login settings

The settings of the login dialog allow you to configure the client to automatically launch on Windows startup (after windows login) and to automatically login to a default VDG Sense server. Click on the gear wheel in the lower left corner of the dialog to open the settings.

It contains the following items:

  • Default server address
  • Default username
  • Default password
  • Client language (read more)
  • Enable video wall mode (read more)
  • Automatically launch on startup
  • Automatically sign in

The default settings are used to automatically login, but can also be set for the convenience. If no default server address is set, the login window will automatically use the last logged server.

Note: If Dual Login has been enabled, automatically sign in and default credentials are not available.