MegaRAID Adding Drive

Knowledge Base - Hardware

This article describes the procedure to expand a storage volume with more harddisks for the MegaRAID Storage controllers. The article assumes a working RAID5 configuration which needs to be expanded with one disk of the same type and size.


Step 1:

login on MegaRAID Storage Manager using Windows credentials (default VDG / VDG):


Step 2:

Click the Logical tab in the left panel of the MegaRAID Storage Manager main menu window. Assuming the new disk is inserted it will be displayed as ‘Unconfigured Good’ in the Drive group.


Step 3: 

Right-click on the drive group in the left panel of the window and select ‘Modify Drive Group’.


Step 4:

Confirm warning about data backup (if procedure goes correctly no data will be lost and the volume will be expanded)


Step 5:

The following dialog appears. Select the correct ‘RAID’ level (should be RAID 5) and press ‘Next’


Step 6: 

Click the check box next to any unconfigured drives that you want to add, and then click ‘Next’.


Step 7: 

The Modify Drive Group – Summary window appears. This window shows the current settings and what the
settings will be after the drives are added. Click ‘Finish’ to accept the changes.


Step 8:

A confirmation message appears. The message states that this operation cannot be aborted and asks whether you
want to continue. Click Yes to accept and complete the addition of the drives to the drive group.


Step 9:

The Logical window is shown without the new disk. When the RAID controller is finished with reconfiguring the new disk it will be added to the Drives list.


Step 10:

Open the ‘Dashboard’ page to monitor the progress. NOTE: reconfiguring the RAID volume can take some time. In the ‘More Details’ dialog the expected time of reconfigurtion is shown.