Knowledge Base - Configuration in iProtect™ Aurora

A Multiview is a display of multiple pictures in a matrix consisting of rows and columns. The number of rows and columns can be configured according to preference.

In the iProtect™ Aurora menu, go to “Installation” > “Hardware” > “Camera” > “Multiview” and assign a practical name. Enter the desired number of columns and rows for the Multiview.

When “PTZ control” is activated, a PTZ symbol will appear at the bottom-right of the Multiview. When you select a camera by clicking in the Multiview, you can change the camera’s focal point with the PTZ control unit.

Using “Start-up camera group”, you can define the camera group that should display pictures when the Keymap starts up or is reset. If you leave this field blank, pictures will only be displayed in Multiview in case of events – Until events take place, only black fields will be displayed.

If a Sense server is used, it is possible to link the Multiview visual to a Sense layout. This will mean that the camera pictures are displayed in the same way in both iProtect™ Aurora and Sense, e.g. 3×4 pictures with every picture in the same position. In the iProtect™ Aurora menu, go to “Installation” > “Hardware” > “Line” and click on the plus symbol in front of the NVR server in the left window. Then click on the plus symbol in front of the node that appears and right-click on “Sense”.

In this way, an “external Multiview” can be configured or an existing external Multiview can be selected. Then you can connect the Multiview in iProtect™ Aurora with a layout in Sense. In the external Multiview, choose the iProtect™ Multiview and, in case of a new external Multiview, the layout in Sense. Make sure that both have the same number of camera pictures.

In Sense, the Live and Playback panels can be used to drag pictures into the layout. In Sense, always start with panel 1 and proceed to 2, 3, etc.

NOTE Do not rename the panels in Sense. This will disrupt the connection between iProtect™ and Sense.