New Orion on existing Polyx

Knowledge Base - Controllers

Configuring the Orion:
1. Make sure all connections are in accordance with technical drawing

Configuration in iProtect™:
1. Open menu “Installation” > “Hardware” > “Line”
2. Click on the “Search” button.
3. Select the correct “Line” and click on the plus in front of the line. The nodes appear.
4. To open the “Node details”, click on the node.
5. To create a new node, click on the button “New”.
6. Enter a logical description of the line in the field “Name”.
7. Select “Node type” “Orion”.
8. Enter the correct port number at “Serial port address”.
9. Select “Node online”.
10.Click on the “Save” button.

The Orion will be automatically signed-up when connected in the KP-Bus and the serial number will appear.

11. To activate the readers, an access card needs to be presented twice at each reader. As soon as the LED of the reader is blinking when the card is presented, the correct card data will be stored in iProtect™.
12.Assign a reader group, e.g. All card readers to the new card reader.
13. Finally assign a card, having the correct access profile to a person and verify if access in granted. In case of access, the LED on the reader turns green for a period of 5 seconds.