Node configuration

Knowledge Base - Configuration in iProtect™ Aurora

1. In the iProtect™ Aurora menu, go to “Installation” > “Hardware” > “Line”.
2. Click on the “Search” button.
3. In the browse window, right-click on the line to which the node should be added and select “Add node”. The details pane will open.
4. Select the following specifications

  • Node type : “iNVR”
  • Max disk usage : 80 (recommended)
  • Active : (mark field) • HTTP port : 4040 (default value)
  • IP address : the iProtect™ server IP address from which the server can retrieve the pictures; From the video management server or directly from the cameras.
  • GUI IP address : the IP address from which iProtect™ clients should retrieve pictures. During local use, the IP address used by the GUI to connect to the server appears here. If an additional external connection is also in place (e.g. across a router), a host name instead of an IP address will appear. This name should also be configured in the local host list in all clients; To do this, go to: c:windowssystem32driversetchosts and open it in notepad. At the bottom of the list, add the IP address that you use to access iProtect™ Aurora (can be a router address) and enter the same host name as configured in iProtect™ Aurora.

5. Click on “Save”.