Perspective Correction

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2.5.2 - 06/06/2017

Since version 2.5.2, VDG Sense has been providing ‘Perspective Correction’, which is a procedure to better conform with the commonly accepted distortions in constructed perspective. The control would:

  • make all lines that are vertical in reality vertical in the image. This includes columns, vertical edges of walls and lampposts.
  • make all parallel lines (such as four horizontal edges of a cubic room) cross in one point


When to use the Perspective correction?

A camera device may give a distorted image by itself, or has been positioned in such a way that the image does not give an accurate depiction of real world distances. This can happen when a camera has been mounted in a topdown perspective. With the perspective correction, the image can be corrected to give the viewer a better understanding of distances observed by the device.



When viewing devices with perspective correction on the native VDG Sense client, the calculations are done on the client machine itself. When requesting images of a device with the perspective correction enabled through the API, web client or mobile client, the correction calculation is done on the VDG Sense server machine. This could influence the performance of the server.

Configuration of Perspective correction is done in the Devices->Correction tab, read more.

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