Placing Widgets

Knowledge Base - Visualization alarm system in keymap™

  • Create under General | Settings | Keymap a floor map.
  • Click in the frame of the detail window and load a picture of the building or from a floor where detectors are installed. Save the record. The image will now be displayed as a background image for the alarm visualization.

  • In the treeview underneath the new record of the floor map the record “Widget positioning” has appeared. Click on this record. The detail window ‘Widget positioning’ opens.
  • By means of Widgets you can now display each sort status of each / each alarm point. Repeat for each Widget the next steps:

1. Right-click on the background image and choose ‘Security message (third party)’. Choose ‘alarm point’ and then the sort status, which you want to have displayed. See for this the next chapter about ‘alarm point statuses’.
2. The default symbol for the momentary status of a default alarm point appears. Drag with the mouse the Widget on the desired place and set the size of the Widget.
3. Click on the tab sheet ‘Widget control’. Select at ‘column value’ the alarm point, of which the status has to be shown. – You can adapt at ‘column name’ the status once more (you see here a bigger number statuses and parameters from which you can choose). On top of this on the tab sheets you can set or determine the size and position of the Widget exactly, that the status is not displayed with a symbol, but textual.

  • You can set comparable statuses of alarm groups.
  • Which default symbols represents which value of a alarm point or alarm group status, can you view at General | Settings | Keymap | Icon assignment.
  • Open at General | Overviews the new floor map. Check whether changes at the detectors are shown in the right way.