Playback / Controls

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This layout contains 4 playback panels and playback controls where each panel has the following features:

  • Green triangular icon: in lower left corner, indicates panel is playback panel
  • Audio icon: next to recording icon, only visible if there is audio available in the videostream (panel should be selected to hear the audio).
  • Camera name: next to recording icon, the camera name.
  • Date and time: next to camera name, date and time of displayed image.
  • Digital zoom: hold left mousebutton or scroll and move cursor over the videopanel.
  • Doubleclick on panel: switch panel to full screen or switch camera to ’Target panel’.
  • Green focus ring: currently selected panel, used for camera selection.

PlaybackcontrolsPlayPosdaysPlayback position in all recordings (in days)

PlaybackcontrolsPlayPosdays2Playback position for current playback day

PlaybackcontrolsEShow or hide video export controls

PlaybackcontrolsCurPlTimeCurrent playback date and time

PlaybackcontrolsSearchShow or hide date and time search

PlaybackcontrolsPlSpeedPlayback speed


PlaybackcontrolsExportimageExport current image

PlaybackcontrolsExportVideoExport video

Add bookmark

PlaybackcontrolsStartPlaybackcontrolsEndGo to start / end of recording

PlaybackcontrolsRew1mPlaybackcontrolsFor1mStep 1 minute backwards / forwards

PlaybackcontrolsRew1fPlaybackcontrolsFor1fStep 1 frame backwards / forwards

PlaybackcontrolsStartRevPlaybackcontrolsStartPLStart reverse playback / Start playback 

PlaybackcontrolsStopPLStop playback


Although “Live Video panels” cannot be used for playback, it’s possible to use the “Flashback” feature to quickly display the last 10 seconds of recorded footage. Simply right click on a live video panel to engage flashback. The last 10 seconds will be replayed in fast-forward until the playback has caught up with the live footage.