Pluto – Removing iProtect data

Knowledge Base - Controllers

When it is necessary to remove the iProtect data, complete the following steps:

Configuration in iProtect™:
1. Open menu: “Installation” > “Hardware” > “Line”.
2. Click on the “Search” button.
3. Select the correct Pluto.
4. Under communication deselect “Active”.
5. Copy the password of the line.
6. Save this record.

Configuration in Pluto:
1. Browse to the maintenance page of the Pluto.
2. Login with username “controller” and the line password, generated in iProtect.
3. Select the menu “Advanced”.
4. Press on “Reboot”. Login into the maintenance page of the Pluto after 2 minutes.
5. Select the menu “Advanced”.
6. Press on “Make clean”. The following message appears: “enabling apache”

Note: The password and ip-address will not be changed. Configurations and iProtect data will be removed.

7. The Pluto can be linked with iProtect again.