Sirius i-X30

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The Sirius iX30 card reader is a versatile card reader which support multiple card technologies and communication protocols used in access control solutions. In addition, the Sirius iX30 is able to support different technologies simultaneously.

The Sirius iX30 card reader:

The Sirius iX30 is provided with two stickers:

The following accessories are available for the Sirius iX30

801-6301 - Spacer normal
801-6109 - Spacer protector
801-6110 - Spacer cardholder

Celrubber is strongly recommended if the Sirius iX30 (with or without spacer) is mounted directly to an outside surface. It offers both more protection and a smoother mounting in the event of an uneven surface.

801-6311 - Celrubber for the purpose of Sirius iX30