System settings

Knowledge Base - Configuration in iProtect™ Aurora

1. In the iProtect™ Aurora menu, go to “Installation” > “Settings” > “General settings”.
2. In the browse window, click on the plus symbol in front of “Camera popup”.
3. Choose “Refresh picture (times/sec)”. The details pane will open, where a value from 1 – 25 can be allocated. The recommended number of pictures per second is 10.
4. Choose “Display play/stop buttons” and select “Value”.
5. Choose “Default width” and enter the desired width of the camera display screen.
6. Choose “Default height” and enter the desired height of the camera display screen.
7. Save your specifications.

NOTE System settings can be configured per system user. To do this, go to “Installation” > “Authorisation” > “System user”