System users

Knowledge Base - iProtect™ Authorizations

The System User window allows you to add system users, as well as add system user settings and horizontal database security to the system user. This is only possible if you are logged in with the login name Root.

  • Go to the menu Installation | Authorization | System user.
    • Press the Search button directly. All system users are shown.
    • Select Root

The Login name Root cannot be changed. However, the password and the other information can.

  • Press the New button
  • In the Person field, enter the name of the person who becomes a system user. Press on the button iProtect looks up the name in the database which you can link to the system user.
  • If the name is not in the database, the person must be created under General | Person.
  • Enter a login name. This is the “Username” that is requested at startup. Try to choose this name as logically as possible so that it is not easily forgotten.
  • Then enter a New password. You are required to enter the same password twice. Note: The password is at least 6 characters long, of which at least one is capital and one number. Write down login name and password. Password requirements are set in Installation | Settings | System parameters.

  • In the User group field, select the user group.
  • In the Language field, specify the language in which the program should appear when the user logs in. You have the choice between English, Dutch and German.
  • Click Save.

Once system users have been created and the operation is correct, a number of settings can be changed for each system user, including: