XXTer setup

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To add an XXTer device to Sense, you need to know the IP address of the device connected on your network. Normally XXTer will automatically receive an IP-address through DHCP. You can look up the IP-address that was given out on the DHCP–server or router, after the XXTer device has fully started. You can also access the IP-search function in the XXTer configuration tool to find the XXTer device. In case XXTer could not reach a DHCP server, it will use the following default settings:


To connect to XXTer, your computer has to use a similar IP-address, for instance

For further information on configuring the XXTer device, we recommend reading the XXTer Installation manual.



After the XXTer device has been fully configured and installed, you can add the device to Sense. To do this, enable the XXTer plugin found in the plugin tab in the configuration menu and enter the IP-address and the port of the device in the settings field.



After the plugin has been set, you can now create a server or viewer macro that sends a signal to the XXTer device by selecting the “Plugin” signal and selecting the XXTer plugin.




Click the “Edit plug-in action” button to open the plugin parameters dialog. In this dialog, you can select a trigger which has been configured in the XXTer configuration: