About Licensing


VDG Sense is offered in three different licenses:

  • Sense Start (free)
  • Sense Basic
  • Sense Pro

The differences per license is shown in the table below.

Start Basic Pro
Deployment Single-server Multi-server Multi-server
Supported number of servers*  n/a 5
Maximum video channels per server 4 (incl.) 32 500
External I/O channels per server 1 (incl.) 2 (incl.) 500 (incl.)
Simultaneous client connections per server 1 (local incl.) 3 (incl.) 256 (incl.)
Virtualization license - -
Server add-ons - -
Management server add-ons - -
Pro video channel add-ons - -

* A total of 5 servers means 1 master server and 4 slave servers. A slave server must have the same license type as the master server.

The software can be downloaded from our download section.

Activation and usage

VDG Sense software requires activation. The activation process verifies licensed users and validates each unique license key to ensure compliance with our license agreement. The quickest and easiest way to activate your license is to use the online activation wizard that automatically begins after first launch of the software. The other option is to activate your license through this website. You can use the software for up to 10 days after initial installation without completing activation. After 10 days, you must complete the activation process to continue using the software.


How to obtain a free Sense Start license

VDG Sense Start can be downloaded and used for free. All that is required, is that you register on our website by clicking on the login icon in the top menu.


After registerring, simply login and go to 'Licenses'. There you can create a Start license key. This key is needed when installing the software.

VDG Sense Software Upgrade Plan (SUP)

TKH Security offers a Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) for all VDG Sense software products and many of the add-on products. It can be purchased for a coverage period of one to five years. It is optional for all VDG Sense software products. Click here for more information about the SUP.